TO 202 Large Free
Standing Warning Triangle
TO 201 Medium Hanging
Warning Triangle

An inexpensive safety device that could save your life, make traffic aware of danger in advance -warning triangles have both flashing and reflecting function.
These units feature :-
Built in flashing light unit and full reflective light effect, stengthening warning effect.

Can be used in the daytime, at night and on foggy / rainy days to assure auto and passenger safety.

Flash is visible within a distance of 1,000 metres and reflective light can be seen within a range of 250 metres.

TO 201 Hazard Warning Triangles

Size: Medium size hanging warning triangle 20cm
CODE TO 201 Price £9.95

TO 202 Hazard Warning Triangles

Size: Large free standing warning triangle 43cm
CODE TO 202 Price £9.95

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