Growbags are great, but they can be a real nuisance to feed and water - you can never be sure that all the compost has been properly wetted. Large watering holes cut into the bag lead to loss of humidity and temperature - and messy compost splashes out when you water.

Speed feed solves all of these problems. The perforated watering tube slide neatly into the end of the grow bag, fitting snugly above the compost. Just fill the easy to reach reservoir for thorough, even distribution of water and feed throughout the grow bag.
Water and feed your grow bag without exposing the compost,
Eliminates compost spillage and root disturbance,
Fast gentle one stop watering process,
Promotes stronger healthier plants,
Increased crop yields,
Fitted in seconds,
Eco friendly, saves water time and money.

PC301 Super Tom's Speed Feed

PC301 Super Tom's Speed Feed

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