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Cloche and Cold Frames
Mini Patio Greenhouses
Portable Greehouses
Accessories and Gifts

Marquees and Shelters
Storage and Utility
Car and Caravan

Cloche/Cold Frames

SC400 Chase Growhouse Ultimate Cloche
SP125 Large Cold Frame
SP300 EZ Cold Frame & Stand
SP150 Large Cloche
SP080 Pop Up Cloche Grow-house
SP180 Super Cloche
SP181 Clear Super Cloche
SP070 Umbrella Cloche

Mini Patio Greenhouses

Mini Pop Up Net Cover
SP090 Mini Pop Up Greenhouse
CM105 Mini Greenhouse
SB160 Patio Greenhouse
SB155 Large Patio Greenhouse
PC 158 Tomato House
PC165X Lean-to Planthouse
PC145X Lean-to Planthouse
PC100 Jnr Space Saver

PC195 Step-In Planthouse
PC205 4x6 Greenhouse

Portable Greenhouses

SC500 EZ Grow Portable Greenhouse
SC600 Large Temporary Greenhouse
SC680F 2x3 Crop Frame
SC680G 2x3 EZ Grow Pro
Tunnel Greenhouse

SC Range Large Tunnel Greenhouses
SC800 Plant House

Accessories & Gifts

GA 103 Gardeners Tool Kit
GA120 Speed Hunter
PC301 Super Tom's Speed Feed
GA122 Sync-it Outdoor Water Station
GA104/5 Plants On Wheels
GA100/102 Potting Tray
GA109 Easy Sack
GA111 Pro Seeder
GA112 Rain Capes
GA113 E-Z Drive Basket
Support Post

GA117 Speedy Weedy
GA126 Green Easy Composter
GA119 Garden Bag
GA121 Slug Trap
GA130 Greenhouse 3 way Staging Kit
RB100 Raised Bed
GA135 Portable Garden Kneeler
GA140 Pond Care Kit
GA141 Lantern & Stand
GA149 Anti-Mole Bulbs
GA142 Folding Saw Bench
GA160 E-Z Drive Tree Stake

Marqees & Shelters

FG130 3x3 Classic Gazebo
PM160 20x20 Marquee
PM136 Party Marquee
PM146 Party Marquee
ES100 Premier Pop Up Range
FG133 Folding Gazebo
FG134 Folding Gazebo
ES300 Shelter
ES301 Shelter
ESTB2/TB4 Tube Bags
ES32B Gazebo Cast Iron Weighted Feet
ES325 Tarpaulin Eyelet Kit
ES327 Bungee Straps 6 inch
ES327 Bungee Straps 9 inch

Storage And Utility

Tool Flex System
GA108 Tidy Maker
GA156 Jnr Jumbox
GA151 Large Jumbox
GA161 Space Saver Multi function Patio Box
GA153 Large Utility Cabinet
GA154 Small Utility Cabinet
GA163T Large Utility Cabinet with Accessories
GA164 Small Utility Cabinet & Adj. Shelves
GA157 Easy Store Utility Cabinet & Adj Shelf

Car & Caravan

CP100 Automate Light Kneeler
TO202 Hazard Warning Triangles -Free Standing
TO210 Hazard Warning Triangles -Hanging
LD100 Light Driver




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